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P&D in Highlands Ranch (BackCountry), CO
Project: Interior Designer
Comments: At first we were hestitant to hire a ID. We have never done it before. As we have made so many costly and time consuming mistakes in the past we thought we should get some help this time. Karen is absolutely amazing. She brings so many ideas to the table. And works within our budget. She is totally on our side when it comes down to choosing an item or price negotiations. And she finds ways to incorporate our style with the color shceme we love. I highly recommend her for any project, small, medium or large. She will save you time, money and most important.. your sanity!

D. A. in Highlands Ranch, CO
Project: Interior Designer
Comments: I found Karen to be extremely genuine in her approach. She looked at the project through my eyes. Her suggestions and responses were thought out and therefore helped me through a design element I questioned which ended up being the star of the whole project! She could see this and helped me via computer generated pics as well as other suggestions and support. This project exceeded our expectations and we have Karen to thank for that!

J.R. in Highlands Ranch, CO
Project: Interior Decorator
Comments: Karen was wonderful and I cant express what she has done for my house. She gave a lot of time and did not pressure me and I can not say enough good things about her and great to work with.