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Attention Real Estate Sales Associates
Home Marketing Design Specialist™
Let our Home Marketing Design Specialist™ enhance your opportunities to win more listings!
As the former Coldwell Banker Manager of Relocation, no one knows better than Karen how to partner with Sales Associates to help you compete and subsequently win the listing during your Listing Presentations.
What Value can we bring you?
1.  Assist you as your “non-competitive, transparent" partner to be the second set of eyes and ears at your listing presentation.
2.  Provide honest and positive, yet valuable input to the homeowner regarding the marketability of their home so you don’t have to and can concentrate on getting the listing and marketing their home.
3.  Propose cost effective suggestions to you and your sellers that presents a net gain when selling.
4.  Offering a Home Marketing Design Specialist™ to your sellers as part of your listing package adds benefits to your marketing services and differentiates you from your competition.
5.  Every listing will be redesigned and refined prior to the day pictures are taken, and when it hits the market viewers will be enticed to schedule showings right away.
6.  Most sellers welcome the advice of a professional design consultant to help them maximize the value and saleability of their home.  
7.  We will offer several ways to help, such as perform a preliminary inspection, schedule vendors and take your sellers comparison shopping, etc.   Contact us for more informaiton.
How do you sell the Benefits of a “Home Marketing Design Specialist™” to your sellers?
1.  Research shows that most listing interviews with more than one person wins the business above and beyond just one agent being present. The home owner appreciates the extra attention they receive when there are two people involved.
2.  Your Home Marketing Design Specialist™ can take your sellers comparison shopping. They will see what they need to do to improve their home so that perspective buyers will be wowed and choose their home over others.
3.  Buyers often have a difficult time envisioning how properties can be used. When they see homes beautifully staged, as warm and inviting, they perceive much stronger property values. Stronger perceived values often translate into higher selling prices.
4.  In its 2011 National Home Value Survey, real estate blog website HomeGain ( found that home staging resulted in an average $1,780 price increase - a 586 percent investment return - demonstrating the dramatic value of home staging.
5.  Staged homes sell faster and for more money (RESA statistics reports a 78% reduction of days on the marked for staged homes).
6.  Invite your sellers to explore, the Home Improvement Calculator. They can enter their zip code to see the average "Return on Investment" of recommended home improvements. The upfront expense of staging a listing is less costly than a price reduction.
"If you want potential buyers to choose your property over the competition, home staging - the act of making a home look visually appealing to buyers - can make your house stand out from the crowd", says
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